Hundred Thousand is geared to be an Australia-wide content platform, serving the public with artistic creations from it’s core contributors while putting a focus on collaboration and conceptual development. Bridging genres and mediums it offers a chance to reach a larger audience through the combined networks of those involved, with the Hundred Thousand web platform acting as the central point of delivery.



At the heart of Hundred Thousand is it’s featured content – content based around the concept of collaboration, incorporating multiple artforms and artists developing their art towards a single theme. As well as the standard art:music pairing there is also scope for a much wider range of artforms like spoken word poetry, video, short stories, dance etc.

In addition to the featured content itself, Hundred Thousand will also exhibit and promote content based around the final collaborative piece – again nothing is off-limits here with things like interviews (written, audio or video), behind-the-scenes or work-in-progress content, remixes or alternate versions of the works.

When possible, the featured content will be timed around the artists’ own upcoming projects, events and releases for the artists involved to best capitalise on the exposure.


Secondary to the featured content but still a core part of the content plan, artist content will include any general content from the group of artists involved in Hundred Thousand (standard music blog content), comprised of things like track / album releases, video clips, new artworks, tours etc.

The website will also have an event section for gigs, art exhibitions, screenings etc. All content will be filterable by city, artist, collective, genre etc for people to explore exactly what – and who – they are interested in.


The site will also feature an online store featuring back-catalogues, merch, prints etc.

In addition there will also be the capability for individual artists to generate sales for production, design work, video work and other professional services aimed at musicians and other creatives through their biographies on the site.

Alongside all featured content and complete (album) releases the site will also feature an expression of interest for the public to ‘vote’ for production of limited releases (hard copies of music, runs of prints, books etc). If enough interest is generated a self-run crowd-funding campaign will be executed on the Hundred Thousand website as a pre-order system to fund the production.




Hundred Thousand is set up to push artists' own projects. Featured content is used to introduce a wider audience to the artist's work and will be timed with the artist's own releases, tours etc. The site structure is also developed to encourage users to explore an artist's full body of work.



Hundred Thousand acts as a network to link artists together Australia-wide to collaborate with and support each other from state to state, opening possibilities for tour supports and people to spread the word on the ground.



Hundred Thousand will incorporate an online store for the sale of artists' works and merchandise (taking a modest percentage), as well as an opportunity for artists to showcase their creative services on the site and generate leads for freelance work and further collaborations.


We’re looking for artists to get involved! If you like the concept, and want to contribute, please let us know here and we’ll be in touch soon.

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